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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Membership Update and boat safety.

Now that the membership is up to the original level we decided to look again at the total numbers involved given the waiting list of anglers who are eager to join.
The head of fish which we are mostly concerned with Pike and Brown Trout, would seem able to cope with many more anglers given the total acreage of the lochs. With this in mind we decided to allow a further 10 memberships which unfortunately does not wipe out the waiting list but significantly drops it to single figures.
The ten members have been selected and are now members of the club. All memberships from now on will work on the proposer/seconder basis mentioned in a previous post.

The remaining people on the waiting list will be offered season tickets, as will a number of known anglers not on the waiting list, this is a new venture for us which would allow anglers unlimited access to the lochs for a reasonable yearly sum. We have as yet not come to definitive figure regarding price or number of season tickets to be issued but will do so in the near future. The only differences between the season tickets and the memberships would be that season ticket holders would not be eligible to attend any of the club meetings. This however would not prevent them from having a say in the running of the club, as they would be most welcome to forward suggestions via our post-box at the boathouse. There will also be a difference in cost.
It is envisaged that season ticket holders will have first chance of a membership once a place becomes available. There will be more news on this topic in the next two weeks.

Look closely and you will see a doe Roe Deer who came to the lochside for a drink!

Again no further illegal anglers have been detected, a good practical indicator of the efficacy of our policy.

With regard to day permit sales, in response to anglers we have significantly increased the number of outlets selling our permits they are as follows. Cast around Peebles a fishing tackle shop, The Gordon Arms Hotel a couple of miles from the loch on the Selkirk to Moffat road, The Tibbie Shiels Inn and the Glen Café both on the banks of the loch. At present boats will still have to be booked via Henderland Cottage but this is currently under review.

The extra revenue will be put towards the purchase of lifejackets and once we have these it will be a requirement for all anglers who choose to boat fish to wear a lifejacket. No lifejacket – No Boat! You may of course supply your own. A deposit per lifejacket taken will be levied and returned following return of the said jacket undamaged. We have no option but to invoke this as in the past we tried a similar scheme without taking a deposit and the lifejackets disappeared!

We will be purchasing foam jackets, as gas requires much in the way of maintenance. The jackets will not be of the budget bulky variety but premium slim lifejackets (not buoyancy aids), which have the capacity to turn unconscious individuals into a head up position, thereby maintaining their airway.
A halved 3 spined Stickleback which fell out of a 7lbs jack Pike during a session last week.

We will also be looking at the potential benefits of providing distress flares on our boats. If you have any knowledge of the benefits of utilising flares please let us know by the comment facility here or by e mailing expert knowledge is always welcome.

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