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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Internet buying

St Mary's loch a few weeks back minus 7 degreesC

With the weather being positively arctic up until today the fishing has been slow but hopefully the thaw will bring increased activity. Speaking to various anglers it is clear that a sea change is sweeping angling at the moment. Whereas in the past you would pop down to see your local shopkeeper for your tackle needs, it seems that nowadays it is easier to log on to your pc and order your goods online.

After much discussion it became clear why so many anglers purchase their tackle online- Price, given that the big retailers can buy in sufficient quantity to offer a 40% reduction on recommended price what chance does the little shopkeeper have.

Clearly the coming year will be difficult for small shopkeepers with the giants of the tackle world cutting prices to the bone just to achieve turnover. The last bastion of the local shopkeeper is knowledge which the majority have in spade loads, but for the few who do not it would appear the writings on the wall

But can you blame the angler- probably not, there will be bargains aplenty on offer so if you’re in the buying bracket check the web for some super buys, what is now happening in angling happened 10yrs ago with supermarkets seeing off the local high street traders. Internet sellers in addition to bargain prices now equal local shopkeepers in back up service often they are extremely knowledgeable about the products they sell, whichever way you look at it the days of the high street shopkeeper are numbered.

From the archives
The following prices were agreed for the fishing’s Visitors boats 25 shillings/day, Spinning / bait permit £1.00 per day, fly fishing 10 shillings per day.

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