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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Matilda a real star!

You just wouldn’t believe the furore that surrounded our heavy brown trout last week, all the local press were vying for pictures of her, the BBC were sabre rattling with ITV (the winner) to get the first live to air broadcast and national daily papers all came up with their own slightly different versions of the story. BBC Radio Scotland took the honours beating commercial radio to the big story featuring in Fred Mcauleys morning programme.

To be truthful the level of media interest has left us all dumbfounded, granted she is a heavy fish for a Brown Trout but there are bigger from many other venues that do not attract this level of media coverage. The fact that she is the heaviest Trout for over 100 years is probably a significant factor in the hype.

The website strained under the pressure of journalists eager to fill out their text and add a few pictures whilst the next few days saw furious activity from members of the public desperate to find out more about this enigmatic and noble fish that has captured their interest.
Matilda now has “protected fish” status and any angler lucky enough to capture her MUST return her unharmed to the loch! We shall see in the next few weeks whether she will return to the deep or remain in the public eye.

Now on the theme of big fish our treasurer John W captured a 3lbs 12oz fish midweek on Lamprey which is an absolutely splendid catch, he thinks it may have been a spent migratory fish as it was quite lean unlike Matilda who was full bodied and bursting with vigour.
He has taken some scales from the fish and these have been sent to the Tweed Foundation for analysis. The fish was safely returned to the loch and we wait with baited breath to hear the outcome. See the photo below and we will publish the life history of this fish once we have heard back from the foundation. Well done John.

Since the fishing was abandoned it was great to take in some of the nature see the photo below of what turned out to be a collection of Chaffinch (below) feasting on some seeds I brought. A few Chiffchaffs/Willow Warblers were noted as well as the usual collection of Tits, a Great Spotted Woodpecker (Male), and a Cuckoo who calls from the Bowerhope Woods was heard announcing his presence. The Osprey was seen today for the second time this year as usual announced by screeching Gulls, however on this occasion he did not fish but spent time merely gliding around watching. What a treat to see nature all around, it’s a lovely place enhanced by the varied spectrum of wildlife.

Yesterday the weather started off poorly with heavy winds and drizzle then unbelievably it deteriorated further into full blown gales and torrential rain! Gave up on the fishing and decided to have a wander and as it turned out remove some litter (a never ending job) and checking three popular areas filled four black bags. The people responsible for leaving this rubbish are absolute Muppets and we would dearly love to catch them at it and one day we will!
Due to technical problems the photo of Matilda @8lbs will appear next week!

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