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Sunday, 10 January 2010

A winter wonderland or never ending tedium?

Photo-Illegal angler who stayed out too long!
It appears that the inclement weather will be with us for a good few days yet. At the time of writing a decision had been taken by central government to force councils to concentrate on keeping main roads clear leaving residents in non main route locations floundering unable to get out on to the main roads.
All too often the operators of the road clearing vehicles come in for criticism that they have not cleared this road and that road. We salute you lads, doing a very difficult job often with little time off and minimal recompense. Bravo, keep up the great work! This is just another reminder of the invincible power held by mother nature!
The situation at the lochs is that the A 708 is passable in both directions but only with great care. The situation regarding fishing is that the Loch o the Lowes is completely frozen over and St Mary's Loch is frozen at the North end with signs of freezing at the Megget mouth. At the south end ice is forming at the edges and with the prospect of another night of sub zero temperatures the ice build up will undoubtedly continue a glimmer of hope however is that the wind is set to increase and possibly keep further freezing at bay. So the prospects for fishing are that it's possible at the south end of the loch, we will keep you updated! Winter wonderland for a day, now its a bore and an extreme inconvenience!
We are indebted to Ian and Barbara at the Glen Cafe on the bank of the Lowes for this information. A most useful link is the webcam at the cafe that looks across the Loch o the Lowes giving up to date visual information on the state of the smaller loch. http://www.glencafe.co.uk/webcam.shtml
Work on the boat to undergo modifications was to have commenced last week but due to the current low temperatures this has not proved possible, fibreglass resin will not cure in such low temperatures. Similarly the work on the hatchery set up is not possible as the pipe work and baths will be completely frozen. Looks like all projects are cancelled for the foreseeable future!
Internet bargains
Information from a couple of our members regarding some excellent buys, below 100 Kamasan size 4 trebles.

Wychwood 7 strand Pike wire for trace making 20 metre spools

Photo-Offending pipe showing stray mastic!

A pipe well repaired on the surface.

Have a look at the photo of the inside of a pipe that is part of the toilet system in the boathouse. The pipe has been sealed with silicon mastic to accommodate a drop in diameter from the stone pipe to the lead one. From the outside it looks like a great job but as you can see on the inside it is the cause of the blockage. A piece of tow (rope) is usually applied by plumbers to stop the ingress of the sealant to the pipe inner but it had not been done on this occasion. So that's one problem solved it's just a pity we had to almost completely dismantle the boathouse to discover the problem! Hopefully the whole caboodle will be reassembled in the not too distant future.

NIce Music!
For a taste of proper music (No it's not Lady Gaga, Girls Alive, Wull Yung or that bloke from the Newcastle area who completely dominated the ITV Border news recently) click below, ideally this should be enjoyed following the landing of a large Pike or Trout of the non "plastic" variety. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQx2TWgxX14
I find it to be the most satisfying postlude!

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