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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Angling Report February 2009

This month sees the sleeping giant that is St Mary’s loch awaken and give up some of the quality Pike resident in the water.

Fraser P could be forgiven for feeling a little aggrieved as his 15lbs 9oz specimen was just pipped at the post for the best Pike of the month by a superb Pike of 18lbs 9oz (the best for the year so far) caught at dusk by John W and in his own words “gave the best run ever” for a Pike and he’s had them much bigger (see gallery on our main site). Incidentally John is our new treasurer and has taken over the direction of our long term Pike Tagging Project.
Congratulations on the big croc and on being elected treasurer, we look forward to seeing the results of the ongoing project over the coming years.

The total number of Pike notified was 15, the two mentioned above, three between 10 & 12, six between 7 & 10 and four between 4 & 7lbs, twenty three anglers are reported to have fished. Numerous lost fish and dropped runs were also reported Mark C and mate having had 3 dropped runs and 1 lost (heavy) Pike all after dark.
So the loch is certainly fishing much better which is great! We won’t mention the location of the captures but any member or visiting angler will have access to this information merely by enquiring of the loch keeper.

I can’t help but remark on the high quality of anglers we are now attracting into membership, when compared to a few years back when the clubs very existence was threatened by a group of “self proclaimed know all expert anglers” who have now been banished.
No longer is there ill feeling/uncertainty, everybody gets along with each other and concentrates on enjoying their sport, it is refreshing to meet other anglers who like me are not perfect, we now have a regulatory system in place to maintain this high quality and without a doubt it’s onwards and upwards from now on.

Club badgeA new club badge will be available shortly; it will be an embroidered circular badge suitable for sewing on to your jacket. Details and photographs will appear on these news pages soon.

AGM Part 2It was with a degree of sadness that the club accepted the resignation of two club members who between them had over 70 years of service to the club in various positions. John M and Pete Y are more than mere members they are an integral part of what is St Mary’s Angling Club.
A presentation of a token of our thanks took place at the AGM which was just that a token! Sometimes it is not possible to express gratitude on a scale equivalent to ones contribution, this was such a case. John and Pete on behalf of the club we thank you for all you have done and hope to see you back at the loch’s doing what you both do best – Catching Trout!

We are in the process of appointing 4 Scottish office wardens and 4 club bailiffs to assist us in clamping down on illegal anglers and Muppet types that appear periodically. Anglers should expect to meet one of our wardens/bailiffs when fishing on the lochs.

All anglers must be in possession of a valid permit before commencing to fish unless a prior arrangement has been made with the loch keeper/secretary (01750 42243).

Next Week – AGM Part 3 Our new rules which come into force on 01/04/2009

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