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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Angling Report January 2009

The weather this month again has been varied and the water temperature remains low (approx 4.5 degrees C). Pike have been caught but the only ones reported have been on the smaller Loch o the Lowes. St Mary’s loch in January yielding nothing that we know of but as we do not yet have everyone submitting catch returns, Pike may have been caught that we are not aware of, only after March will catch returns become mandatory.

The Lowes has given up 11 Pike consisting of one @2lbs and 10 pike between 5 and 8Lbs. Recorded angler days for the month was 13 over the two lochs. Best catch of the month fell to Pete with 2 Pike at 7lbs each, good going in what are difficult times. Well done Pete!

Twenty anglers from RA 93 of the Pike Anglers Club were due to visit the lochs last week and we greeted the advance party on Saturday night, who were up for the challenge ahead. However on awakening at 04.00hrs to commence fishing on Sunday the lads were greeted with 4” of snow. Common sense prevailed and the outing was abandoned, anglers preparing to set off were informed of the situation and about turned. Very sensible decisions, the loch’s are inhospitable places in inclement conditions.

The outing has been rearranged for the end of February and we hope to see you then lads when hopefully the weather will be kinder.

Newspages – Some very bizarre comments have been received of late, quite unsuitable for publication in regard to the initial articles, but they are so interesting that they have been saved and will be published later.

They display a pathology that in everyday life would probably lead to committal under the Mental Health Act! I was going to block the IP addresses but they are proving to be absolutely fascinating if a little abstruse and I look forward to compiling a compendium of these gems. I will keep you posted. Life is indeed a rich tapestry.

Tight Lines!

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