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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Overnight Camping on the loch o the Lowes Green.

Those familiar with the Loch o the Lowes will be disappointed to see that restrictions now operate on the cafe green with regard to overnight camping/parking. This situation has been brought about by a recent act of vandalism consisting of cutting down a tree, burning it, leaving huge amounts of litter behind including glass and plastic. These morons have through their actions restricted the responsible 99% of the population from enjoying these amenity.

Anglers are reminded to comply with the enforcement notices now erected on the green and to discuss their camping needs with the Lochkeeper or the Secretary at Henderland cottage tel 01750 42243. See angling notice board at boathouse on St Marys. The views expressed on this blog are not necessarily the views of St Mary's Angling Club and in many cases are the opinion of the author.

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