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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Catch limits a topic for the club AGM.


We currently have no catch limits for any species of fish in the lochs and this method of operation has served us well up until the present day.
However with the changing face of angling it has now become necessary to review our policy on catch limits for Trout, Perch and Eels.

What brings these issues to the fore are -

(a) We are no longer allowed to restock the loch with farm reared Trout, whilst we may not necessarily agree with this situation or the underlying reasons for the implementation of this directive, it is now enshrined in law and therefore in practical terms unchallengeable at the present time.

(b) With the increasing number of migrants moving into the area, fish such as Perch and Eels which are of little culinary interest to the indigenous population, are much sought after by migrants particularly from Eastern Europe.

The situation we are now facing, is that if no limit is imposed we could in the fullness of time end up with a barren loch not only due to the excessive taking of the fish, but from the altered ecological balance which would arise if the indiscriminate taking of fish was allowed to be the norm.

A glance at the angling press would also quickly tell you that nationwide the Eel is under threat and although there appear to be good stocks in the lochs, the current population is that which is in proportion to the other fish in the lochs and the available feeding for them.

It is accepted that the “fishmongers” of old are nowadays few and far between; most anglers have a certain degree of knowledge with regard to conservation and restrict themselves to a modest bag.

It is incumbent on us all as the current guardians of the fishing on the lochs to preserve for future generations the quality of the fishing that we enjoy today!

Therefore with this in mind we have to arrive at a decision that will allow this situation to be brought about.

Given the diversity of views and the potentially serious consequences of doing nothing we feel the matter should be tabled as an item for discussion at the AGM. So please take some time to contemplate the issue and make an informed decision on what you think would be best way forward for the club.

We look forward to hearing your views and if you cannot attend the AGM please send your views to us by whatever secure recordable medium you think fit.

We already have an existing policy on the Pike in the lochs which states that NO PIKE MAY BE TAKEN, and that ALL PIKE MUST BE RETURNED TO THE LOCHS UNHARMED!

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