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day, 29 November 2009

November Angling Report

St Mary's also known as the silent loch!

Usually November sees the start of the process of singling out the men from the boys as the cold weather starts to creep in, but unusually mild temperatures for the month have seen anglers that normally would have put their rods to bed for the winter still persevering in spite of the copious amounts of the wet stuff.

So November was another reasonable month with decent numbers of good well conditioned fish caught. They really are in pristine condition this year. The heaviest of the month from St Mary's fell to an experienced angler Gavin from Musselburgh with a beauty he estimated at 18 – 20lbs in tip top condition, well done Gavin! Meanwhile Michal from Edinburgh landed a lovely 16lbs 7oz fish from the Lowes giving him a personal best for Pike, well done mate!

The figures reported were as follows 16 – 20lbs 2 Pike, 12- 14lbs 4 Pike, 10 -12lbs 8 Pike 6 – 10lbs 12 Pike and 2 Pike around 4lbs. Angler days were recorded at 42 for the month.

Perch are still being caught on the smaller loch around the 1lb mark which indicates the milder spell that has been our lot.

Trakker Armodome Bivvy a long term review by Eddie I

Winter is really upon us now and they are getting wetter and windier as was obvious by the devastating flooding in the area recently. I hope no one reading this was affected. I like to spend a day or two fishing the lochs, this way you can break the days into mini sessions like morning, afternoon and evening.

Doing this you can plan when to eat or relax but more importantly when the water is cold a pike may only feed once in 48 hours and hopefully I'm there with a bait in the water.To do this you need a bivvy, for the last year I've been using a Trakker Armodome, this bivvy only comes in a two man version at present but believe me you will use the space to get all your gear in out of the rain or as I do you can bring the family with you.

The Armodome is based on Trakkers Armo mk2 one of the best selling Bivvys ever and made from the same aquatexx material which doesn't contract or expand with heat or cold, it also has a heavy duty ground sheet and pegs but the best thing is it has an attachable inner skin that hooks on to the inside of the bivvy, this has a mesh door with pockets and a sewn in ground sheet making it a twin skinned system which you need for winter fishing, in the summer just leave it out this makes it even bigger inside. It is also the most rigid and stable bivvy I've ever used and will stand up to gale force winds. I shopped around and got mine for £400 from Climax online, this was the best price, I know it's not cheap but I've paid £150 for Bivvys before and they only lasted a few years, I'm pretty sure I'll be using this bivvy in ten years time.(Eddie I.)
Thank you once again Eddie.

Season Permits

There has been a good number of applications for season tickets so far, exactly how many will be issued will depend on the outcome of a meeting on Tuesday night. It may be the case that some applicants will be disappointed, but of paramount concern is that we do not allow our lochs to be overfished! Anyone who wishes to apply for a season permit should now do so, the authority of the permit will commence on 01/01/2010 so please apply before then and it will of course be valid for 1 calendar year. Members seeking renewals should also think about applying now as well, remember there is a month's grace this year it will not be so next year!

In all case apply to Mr John Wright 8 Castle Place Dunbar EH42 1JD club treasurer giving your full address including postcode phone numbers and e mail if you have one.

Note - only season ticket holders who are applying for club membership are required to provide 2 references from club members. Club members renewing need only provide up to date contact details and the correct remittance.

Thank You!

Rather pleasingly the response from members with regard to the Arctic Charr issue was that 6 anglers with echo sounders stated their willingness to assist with the project. Thank you one and all, this willingness to help is most appreciated and reemphasises the new spirit of cohesion that is the basis on which the club moves forward.
Thank you also Dale for the link to the Irish tagging project, it is the one that we are familiar with but your pointer is much appreciated.
The new bridge at the 1st lay by.


The recent floods brought some destruction and some reorganisation to the lochs, a wooden clinker boat can be seen along the west bank of St Mary's but don't expect to see a complete boat it's in the form of a jigsaw puzzle with hundreds of pieces scattered over the complete length of the bank. Obviously the craft was in an advanced state of decay so no great loss is associated with its destruction. The "bridge" in the photo also appeared at the 1st lay by swim and from whence it came I am not sure, however the builder should retain a degree of satisfaction in that it travelled from its home with no apparent damage despite being lashed against the rocks, perhaps testament to his construction prowess! If you need a hand to get it back to its home just give us a shout.
Loch keeper
Piotr our Loch keeper will be on holiday from the 18th of December until the 4th of January during that period all enquiries should be made to stmarysloch@gmail.com or phone 07980350031.
Tight lines!

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