Sunday, 16 December 2018

What lies in wait!

Photo 01 - The Lowes yesterday before things deteriorated!

What lies in wait!

I can’t remember a year when we could look forward to the next and say everything is just as it should be so let's get on with the fishing! There are always things that require attention and next year is no different! Whether it be administrative or practical work we will have our hands full!

We have a good deal of work to carry out on one of our Arran boats whereby we would like to top all of the keels (3) on the underside with the extremely durable gas/water pipe kindly supplied by Brian. This will be a job over 3-4 weeks and is essential to minimise the outages due to metal runners being ripped off.

Such modification would also make the very heavy boat much easier to manoeuvre. we would like to have this done for the start of the new season but this pipe is very unwieldy in cold weather. We would also like to top the main runner on our white Lomond boat this, however, is an easier task. We have also acquired new three-quarter inch external plywood board and cut out new seats for the Arran’s.

Now, this is a sore point, but it would be nice to see some new faces turning up to lend a hand. I could name the lads who offer help without thinking. I would ask those who have not donated a few hours to help the club, how do they think the club goes forward if no one does anything?

Thanks to Mike Christie for showing us the ropes.

The wider world in my view!

Clueless Zombies!

Who would have thought it after the calamity that was the posh boys Lord Snooty and Gideon Osborn that things could get any worse? Well, you do not need me to tell you that they have deteriorated sharply but I will anyway in case you were in a coma! Of course, when it comes to governmental business the Maybot’s clowns are absolutely hopeless but credit where due, it is the pantomime season and boy can they put on a show!

Contempt of parliament, unheard of for 700 years, promising the much heralded “meaningful vote” then at the last minute dropping the vote when it suddenly dawned on her they would lose by a massive margin! Every armchair punter knew this would be the outcome weeks ago! 164 MPs took the trouble to table amendments and she cut the feet from them! It was cowardice of the highest order!

But that was not all, not by a long chalk! This fantastic tale of unheard of bungling and rank incompetence just gets worse it is absolutely unbelievably staggering! The Tories were absolutely aghast at the Maybots actions and engineered a confidence motion against her! Well, she won according to the numbers but a third of all MPs voted against her yes, 117 of her own MPs think she is a liability! What a bloody farce!

But there was more she went to the 1922 committee and pleaded for her job telling them that she would not fight the next general election! Many took great comfort from that statement and foolishly voted for her, she had in effect bought her job for a short time! As I have said before having a spine and being a Tory do not sit well together! Mind you, the next general election might only be a couple of weeks away! Please god!

You would be forgiven for thinking that the aforementioned shenanigans would have lead to a change of direction but no, she still spouts the same old rubbish about her “deal”! A deal that united all sides in parliament in trashing the “deal”! Her “deal” is toast only a few Tory Muppets support it! She is dashing all over Europe trying to find a solution and all she gets is no in a variety of languages!

She has been repeatedly humiliated shown up like a fool and unfortunately, this taints the view of the UK seen by those overseas. I am convinced she has become mentally deranged; she is not fit to head a village hall committee never mind the government of this country! Clearly a one trick pony the Maybot blunders on. It will, however, come to a head in the next couple of weeks and a fatal blow will be delivered by one of her flock of goons! The EU has made crystal clear that no legal assurances will be forthcoming and still she persists!

This absolute fool of a woman is wasting valuable time and resources on a mission that will never be accomplished! At home councils are on the verge of collapse, the NHS is bursting at the seams, the police are warning of an impending crisis, the rail service is truly off the rails with Failing Grayling our society is on an unstoppable downward spiral!

Quite frankly, this nonsense has to stop this is a matter of extreme importance far too important to be left in the hands of an intransigent imbecile! She cannot garner support for her failed plan has no plan B and appears to be removed from reality!

It is apparent now she has no authority, her cabinet members are openly planning options for when her “deal” is massively voted down! In the next couple of weeks parliament will push the Maybot to the side and weigh up the options for the country. No deal will be dispensed with as will variants of the Maybot deal and the Norway model.

 The remaining option is for a second referendum which is the next logical step to take. If parliament cannot decide then the people must! It is only fair to ask the people if they are sure they want to endure the risks involved with leaving the EU! Whatever the margin of the vote for any option then this will be implemented come what may! This is true democracy!

The Maybot wanted to make her mark on history and she has achieved this. She will go into the annals of history as the most useless and incompetent Prime Minister ever, even surpassing Lord Snooty! There again what can you expect from a Tory? A clueless Zombie Prime Minister leading a pack of clueless Zombies!

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Membership applications 2019!

Photo 01 - Looking up St Mary's!

Membership applications 2019!

Applications for membership are starting to trickle in. People should be aware that our membership period starts on the first of March 2019 so membership applications or renewals should be completed and sent in during February 2019. Those seeking to join for the first time should be aware that there is a waiting list and new members are admitted only if existing members retire or give up their memberships!


If you are spending Hogmanay on the banks of the loch be aware that the village hall will be open from 20.00hrs until around 00.30. it is a bring your own booze evening and an ex-professional singer will be there hoping to sing for around 90 minutes over the course of the evening. So 9f this is your thing pop along.


With the big day fast approaching doubtless you are still looking for good value presses and you couldn’t do any better than clicking on to Fishers in Penicuick website This week Mike is offering some huge discounts, check out the Hardy CADD reel at £174.99 down from £269 99
and if you cannot decide then let the angler in your life choose themselves with gift vouchers always a safe bet.

The wider world in my view1

Worst ever “deal” and PM!

Throughout my life I have always had the notion that as far as our reputation throughout the world was very favourable but over the last ten years or so that reputation has been seriously tarnished! Yes, the antics of Lord Snooty, Minister without a clue and now the Maybot through their fantastic and unceasing bungling have made us the laughing stock of the world!

Yes, its a pretty grim state of affairs but these clowns have done for us good and proper! The Maybot’s “plan” to take us out of Europe is the most ridiculous plan you could conceive in fact, if your aim was to concoct the worst ever plan you would fall short of the Maybot’s achievement. A recent survey of the 630 constituencies in the country saw only two (yes two) votes in favour of the Maybot’s “deal”.

Of course it was not a deal, simply what the EU would give us knowing we would have to accept! There was no negotiation just a case of the EU granting us something! Crunch time is now upon us and still, the Maybot has no coherent plan to take us out of the EU. Of course, anyone with any common sense would refer the matter back to the public since there is no consensus in parliament for any option!

It is clear Brexit in any form will cost us very dearly, why not seek confirmation from the public that they are content to countenance a drastic drop in our standard of living! There is no breakdown of democracy as the Maybot claims, in fact, it would be a reaffirmation of democracy giving the final say to the population!

This government has now become intimate with rampant deceit clearly shown by their reluctance to show the full legal advice rather than a doctored summary! Top marks then to Ian Blackford leader of the SNP at Westminster for calling the Maybot a liar for that is what she is! Never in my lifetime has such a useless, incompetent and brazen bunch of fools been in such high office!

A government found to be in contempt of parliament for the first time in history, it really is unthinkable when the last two Tory governments were elected they left honour at the door! One disaster after another, no light at the end of the tunnel, continuing doom and gloom! The Maybot is hurtling towards a brick wall at high speed with no thought whatsoever regarding the general public!

The meaningful vote beckons and only one thing is written in stone and that is the Maybot will again be humiliated by a massive defeat! The woman is not up to the job, not worthy of high office! Oh yes, she runs about tirelessly sleeping only a few hours every night but to what end? Nothing has got any better, in fact, everything at home has gotten considerably worse!

You would think that anyone with a bit of savvy would have no hesitation in passing the decision to leave back to the public given the catastrophic outcomes we face! As a type 1 diabetic, I worry about supplies of insulin as they mostly come from the EU! The complacency of these fools is breathtaking as they shrug off one catastrophe after another!

The time has now come for the Maybot or preferably a new semi competent leader (the best we could hope for) to ask for the public to show their support or more likely displeasure at the utter shambles we have been subjected to! We cannot go on any longer in the above fashion, we need a government with a plan, a government that can use common sense!

This cannot happen under the Maybot or in fact any other Tory leader! A Labour government (preferably Labour/SNP coalition) is needed before the country implodes! The Maybot will go down in history as the most incompetent Prime Minister ever, pushing Lord Snooty down into second place!

A new level of contempt!

Doubtless you will have noticed over the last few weeks Tories appearing at food banks being photographed with smiling faces and praising all involved with the project! What a disgraceful charade clowns like Claire Perry, Dominic Raab and Esther McVile people who supported the bed tax and benefit cuts that caused massively increased food bank use! In 2010 the Trussell Trust handed out 41,000p/a food parcels the current figure is 1,400,000p/a you do the maths!

Sunday, 2 December 2018

An aid to anglers!

An aid to anglers!

As anglers, we are always on the lookout for information that will give us the upper hand in our quest to catch the biggest specimens in the lochs. Well, this week I heard from member Davie McGarvie who you will remember was often found in his kayak catching our Pike and mapping the contours of the deep!

He has been working on his bathymetrical maps and sent a revised map of St Mary’s and the Loch o the Lowes in colour utilising Google Earth and they look great. Dave has some great contacts and this comes via a colleague of his who is researching bathymetric maps he is very happy to let members use the maps so feel free to download it from the link below.

From our recommended dealer!

Good tackle dealers never die that’s why Mike at Fishers continues to go from strength to strength and this week is offering free P&P on all deals over £10.00. With Christmas in mind have a look at some great deals for newcomers to the sport and seasoned anglers
Out of the box and fishing ideal for Trout and Perch.
For the more experienced angler looking to take up lure fishing.

If you would like the original kmz files please mail me and I will send them by return, I cannot upload these to the news pages.

The wider world in my view!

She has the Midas Touch!

It is now as clear as it will ever become, the Maybot’s “negotiated” plan is as dead as a dodo! Lined up against what is an extremely poor deal are all the opposition parties and over 100 Tories who all think the “deal” is absolute rubbish! So the question has to be asked why is the Maybot wasting valuable time, taxpayers money running up and down the country trying to persuade the public her deal is in the national interest!
The public has no part in the upcoming vote it is MPs she needs to convince and she is failing miserably there! There is no doubt that pressure applied this week will see Tories crumbling and voting along with the Maybot for that is what Tories do! 

They are unique creatures who can survive without a backbone in that they are spineless!The latest threat is that by voting against her “deal” a no deal outcome is eminently more likely! This, of course, although the legal endpoint is not possible as parliament will not allow it but a good number of these spineless creatures will take fright and vote for the Maybot! All this time the calls for a peoples vote continue to increase as more and more MPs realise this is the only way the problem can be settled.

Brexit was a disastrous mistake highlighted by the political declaration which is nothing more than a list of headings that no one except fools or Tories would accept. The Maybot claims to be a leader with great resolve and stamina why then does she not channel these laudable traits into something positive! She appears to be happy to take us to the brink of disaster where all of us excepting the super rich will see the quality of our lives crumble, it really is beyond comprehension!

.  The leave campaign was littered with outright lies and much of the funding looks now to be highly suspect! To hear young people express their dismay at how their future is being curtailed is absolutely heartbreaking! Elders voting for a future they will never see, its unacceptable! There is a case for removing the vote from say people over 70 years of age and allowing young adults of 16 to have their say.
But sorting out this immediate mess can be achieved quite simply. It requires MPs to show steely resolve (very difficult for Tories) and vote down the Maybot’s “deal” (inevitable) thereafter voting down the various amendments leaving the peoples vote. 

Mind you, any of the amendments would be significantly better than the Maybot’s “deal” of despair! The result whatever the outcome is one that cannot be challenged.
It was disappointing to hear some older folks say they are tired of Brexit. Brexit is the most important event since the Second World War and if it takes another 5 years to sort out this mess then so be it! Those who cannot last the course should just bow out quietly, the young of the nation do have what it takes to stay the course!

There is no room for incompetence or backsliding (both prominent Tory traits) what is needed is resilience and direction to achieve the goal of staying in the EU! The Tories are imploding and we must do all we can to rid ourselves of these incompetent capitalist demons who have wrecked our society! As a service to the future society, we must rid ourselves of these Tories! Over the last couple of years, the Maybot has shown clearly that she has the Midas Touch in reverse! Everything she touches turns to shit!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Santa came early!

Photo 01 - The fly reel and box!
Santa came early!

I expect a good few of the readers would not bat an eyelid on reading the heading. Yes, already the shops have their Christmas trees up along with hordes of overpriced gifts and credit cards begin to heat up due to overuse! However, unusually this year Santa made it to the club boathouse and left a package for club members!

And what a package he left, a Greys GS 500 fly reel with two spare spools and travel pouch, now this reel has a clock like precision evident on turning the spool. This reel would be a Philip to the lucky angler acquiring it! But that’s not all there is a large durable fly box with plenty of room for all your patterns. There is also a custom made heavy duty priest to dispatch your Rainbows humanely. It would actually knock yer mate out if he becomes a pain!

Photo 02 - Close up of the reel and one of the spools left by Santa!

To complement the fly reel we were also gifted an intermediate platinum fly line in six weight to get those Muddlers right out there! We would have been delighted with any single one of the above but to get the whole package is just fantastic! So to Santa, we would say thank you so much we very much appreciate your kindness! I have written to Santa to thank him!

Photo 03 - The intermediate line and priest!

The warden!

I received notification midweek about an upcoming meeting or rather a drop in session where views on the efficacy of the trial year of the warden position have been a success! I must apologise to members now as I will not attend this session.

The bungled implementation of this initiative meant that we were totally excluded from this project. In effect, the directors of this project have again perhaps inadvertently excluded us from putting forward our view! How can we possibly put forward a view when we were only included in the last 3 weeks of the warden's tenure!

However, for those of you interested in the outcome of the evaluation here is how it will turn out – largely based on anecdotal evidence the scheme has proved to be a huge success and another £4,000 will be committed for 2019.

The wider world in my view!

Can you trust a Tory?

With the absolute shambles that is Brexit, you will no doubt have heard many claims and counter-claims about where things are going! The big debate currently is the Maybot’s plan for leaving the EU which according to the majority of commentators is a desperately poor deal for the UK!

The Maybot has had two years plus to negotiate a deal yet it is only in the last few months that things started to develop, most of that two years were spent trying to placate the Tory infighting! The Maybot has started appearing on the TV and radio desperately pleading for the public to agree her appalling “deal” is the right one for the UK when as many as 90 of her own MPs refuse to support what is increasingly seen as a pitiful poor deal! Imagine the time spent on negotiation and she comes back with a "deal" if you can call it that which is significantly worse than the one we have now! Banish all thoughts of feeling sorry for her this whole mess is entirely of her own making!

Mind you this is a remarkable plan as it seems to be all things to all people or so she would have you believe! Only when greater scrutiny is employed can the deal be seen for what it is and that is complete nonsense! Her “deal” would make us many times worse off than we are now and it would be a tragedy for the country if this crap deal got past the meaningful vote in parliament!

At the moment it looks impossible with the 90 Tory MPs and the DUP saying they will vote against the deal. Past experience has shown that Tories cannot be relied on to keep their word! Mark my words that 90 MPs now will turn into a paltry number as the meaningful vote nears! As an example, look at our wet blanket Scottish Secretary David Mundell who was resigning, is not now, and yet might as the fisheries policy develops! What a chump!

There was supposed to be 48 plus Tories to put letters in to bring the Maybot down and this has not materialised in truth Tories are completely spineless! Similarly, the Maybot said her “deal” meets the requirements of the leave voters and quite clearly it falls well short on every front! The Maybot just like most other Tories is an accomplished liar and nothing that comes from her mouth should be taken as the truth!

The Maybots time in Downing Street has been an absolute disaster she is, without doubt, the most incompetent Prime Minister this country has had the misfortune to endure! She has failed on Brexit, failed on the NHS, failed on Universal Credit, in fact, failed on every other matter!

Public buildings are crumbling, the numbers of people in poverty have shot through the roof, and resultantly food banks are struggling to provide enough food to prevent third world hunger in Great Britain! Teachers are having to supply their own books and pencils. The last ten years has seen this country become an international embarrassment as the fools who attempt to govern go from one disaster to another!

If the Maybot was a military commander (thank Christ she is not) she would have been wiped out in the first skirmish! In politics, particularly Tory politics the poor of the land can be used as a buffer to cushion the negative effects as one disaster turns into another it’s embarrassing but not initially fatal! Doubtless you should be wary of any politician but on encountering a Tory one you should beware Tories are a truth free zone! A Daily Express headline this week said the Maybot is either an idiot or a liar. It’s worse than that for she is both!

These Tories have a formidable armoury ranging from backstabbing, front stabbing to outright lies and extensive deception! So can you really trust a Tory? Clearly the answer is no!

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Green works!

Photo 01 - New "parking" area on the green!
Green works!

Have a look at the two photos of the green and you will see that further work has been carried out. Aggregate has been rollered into the soil to provide a more resilient surface and stones have been placed showing the areas for motorised vehicles. The parking areas are now clearly defined.

There is a large amount of ground that remains unused and those not able to park on the green will just migrate to other nearby areas such as the cafe car park, the grass verges and the hill across the road! The stones used are too small easily moved and will be removed likely into the loch and I warrant that these will barely last a week on the green when it is operating at capacity!

There was talk of a locked gate to be secured in the early evening and opened in the morning we shall have to wait to see if this materialises! It is good that some action is taking place but that action looks to be rather insipid!

Photo 02 - This may be its last appearance!

A last look!

Take a good look at photo 02, shows a Pike I caught yesterday and this may be the last time this fish is seen! Unfortunately, when I had taken my hooks out I noticed a wire trace coming from its mouth and on further examination, the hooks were found to be very deep down the intestine!

I had a couple of attempts at removal but they were too deep to be removed! This fish will likely be condemned to a slow death by starvation and the chances are it could have been avoided. Look closely at the trace in the photo and you will see the trace is frayed near where the swivel would have been.

There are three things all anglers should ensure and that is that the main line should be at least 20lbs BS mono preferably armoured with fluorocarbon, with braid which has much less abrasion resistance the BS should be a minimum of 50lbs! 20lbs should be the absolute minimum for wire traces and every effort should be made to strike quickly!

The above is, in fact, the club rules and it falls to each and every one of us to do what we can to protect our fish stocks! Let’s all endeavour to minimise incidents such as above for our continued sport depends on it!

The wider world in my view!

Maybot out!

Well, we had the moment of truth this week and what a letdown it turned out to be! Yes, the “deal” secured by the Maybot after two years of negotiation we have a complete and utter mess, it’s not even a dog's dinner it is so bad! We are paying £39 billion plus another £16 billion to reach a state which is many times worse than the conditions we are now experiencing!

It is completely beyond belief that this fool of a woman currently imitating a stubborn mule cannot see anything other than trying to implement a referendum result that has been completely discredited and is by a large and increasing number no longer the wish of the people! Reminiscent of a robot out of control she is not responding!

Tomorrow the 48 letters required will arrive at the office of Sir Graham Brady calling for a leadership contest! Those submitting the letters should be applauded for what will ultimately pull the country back from the brink! The woman is an accomplished failure, looking back on her tenure only blunders like the disastrous 2017 election, the 2017 party conference, her “Dementia tax blunder” and her disgraceful blunder avoiding contact with the Grenfell residents immediately come to mind!

The leadership contest will not lead to her removal, there are too many weak-willed dim-witted Tory MPs to allow for that! However, the numbers submitting letters and the numbers could be in the range of 48 – 80 plus will be numbers that will always vote against her meaning her authority to act will be nil! It is then likely that the men in grey suits will remove her and appoint another leader!

With the now inevitable leadership challenge the Brexit timetable would be disrupted and an extension to article 50 would have to be sought. The time would then be right to seek to end this act of self-destruction! Competent politicians will be able to engineer the moves towards a second referendum where the outcome would undoubtedly be a decisive win for those who wish to remain in the EU!

The other big plus is that the eternal rift in the Tory party will get much worse hopefully consigning them to political oblivion for a very long time! The Maybot has not brought anything significantly positive to politics she will, however, be remembered for her unmitigated and unceasing bungling! How a Prime Minister could see the carnage in front of this country and keep on hurtling towards that catastrophe is beyond most people! For the good of the country, she needs moving on!

Like Lord Snooty before her, she has returned from Brussels with the most appalling “deal” which is many times worse than where we are now! There is no way this complex mishmash could be accepted by the country, quite why sensible politicians would vote for the people to be worse off is beyond comprehension!

All that is needed is a bit of thought, a no deal scenario is another non-starter which would be instantly rejected by parliament and once this is ruled out returning the decision to the British people is the only sensible thing to do! Getting rid of the Maybot, however, is the most important priority unless she is binned there is no future for this country!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Weak tea anyone?

Photo 01 - Cafe Green answers on a postcard!

Weak tea anyone?

look at the photos and you will see something is afoot on the cafe green, the rub, however, is will it be something that aids the management of this area or a pointless waste of time and money! We will have to wait and see! There was talk many years ago to move heavy boulders around the perimeter of the green and secure this area on a nightly basis with a heavy gate and padlock.

This would be supported with prominent notices telling all who entered the green that the gates would be locked at 18.00hrs! People then would know that they had to be off the green at 6pm or would be locked in and required to pay a charge to have their vehicle released1 sounds good but nothing has materialised!

I would bet that the above will not be the outcome instead some half measure which changes nothing! This is an opportunity to make a radical change I feel however the end result will be weak tea indeed!

Photo 02 - Cafe Green part 2!

Disturbing event!

Yesterday I spoke with a walker who whilst telling me many interesting things told me of a most worrying incident that had taken place earlier in the day. Whilst walking minding his own business he was suddenly surrounded by 3 or 4 dogs who were all barking at him when one lunged at him and bit his leg breaking the skin!

The owner then appeared and some “discussion” took place and the walker warned that any further attacks would be met by violence towards the dogs! The owner was unhappy with this response and took leave of the situation! When I spoke with him he was reluctant to report the incident to the police.

He didn't want to make a fuss! However, on seeing the wound I was able to convince him to get an appointment for an anti-tetanus injection asap. Details have been kept vague at his request. This, however, is very disturbing I've often heard it said “ oh they are working dogs” what the hell does that mean? Is it OK to get bitten by a working dog? Owners need to be aware that if their dogs are in a public place they must be in full control of those animals, no ifs or buts!

NB our policy on being bitten by a dog is clear, firstly phone the police and then let us know asap. I will be meeting the individual who was bitten in a few weeks as he has helped out volountary organisations in the past and is keen to see if he can offer any assistance with our project in Hawick.

Lest we forget!

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

The wider world in my view!

A shitshow!

If you are like me you will have been filled with a sense of bemusement and incredulity at the antics of our so-called government! The writing is on the wall for this country with our future becoming increasingly clear and by all accounts, it does not look good! It is now clear that the Maybot is the most incompetent Prime Minister ever! What makes it worse is that she is surrounded by a bunch of inept greenhorns!

The country is on the point of leaving the EU without a deal simply because the other alternative the Maybot's Chequers deal is so complex and devoid of ambition it is seen as being worse than no deal, indeed, it is an utter dog's breakfast! It is absolutely astounding that the Chequers deal cannot garner support from the remain side the Brexiteer side and indeed most importantly has been rubbished by the EU!

Yet this absolute fool of a woman emulating the captain of the Titanic still persists in trying to get all sides to support her failed plan! She remains adamant that there will be no second referendum sticking resolutely to the fact that the people of the UK have had their say and she and her rapidly diminishing rabble will carry out those wishes come what may!

Where is the common sense in her approach? Quite frankly there is none! Living up to her moniker she can only do what her initial programming told her to do and that is to take this country out of the EU irrespective of the consequences! Her administration is collapsing all around her with the transport minister (the Johnston brother who is capable of thinking) being the latest resignation! In a rare moment of sound insight, he called for a second referendum to avoid a momentous calamity!

Industry, the trade unions, political opposition and numerous august body's have called for the people to have their say on what is the biggest crisis we have faced since the Second World War! Yet still the Maybot is unable to comprehend and given this is the best way out of the corner she has put herself in it is even more incredible!

So what happens next? No one knows, but the most likely scenario is that more resignations will take place leaving her administration unable to function and there will be a leadership challenge and an appeal to the EU for a transition extension. It is impossible to predict who would win here because there are so many bampots and clowns vying for the position but a safe bet is that leaving the EU would be cancelled and our membership would continue!

It's a long winded way to get back to square one but it does lead to a sensible outcome! There has been so much lying, tomfoolery and downright trickery employed by this rabble that the price they will pay when being judged by the electorate will be a very heavy one! This government have achieved only one thing and that is that they are the most incompetent group of imbeciles this country has ever had the misfortune to endure!

Parliament cannot solve this mess, therefore, the only and correct option is to once again ask the people of this country which way to proceed! Remaining in the EU must be an option as it is now crystal clear at least 58% (one poll said 64%) wish to remain as full members and this number is growing daily. Among youngsters, the figure wanting to remain nears 85%! We owe it to the young in the country to give them the best start in life, leaving the EU does not give them that! A rare beast among Tory MPs is one with common sense, as one such MP Johnny Mercer said this government is just a shitshow!

A chump!

I enjoy watching parliamentary programs on the BBC it gives an insight into the standpoint of the participants. Whilst hammering Tories is a now a custom I did feel some pity for Michelle Ballantyne who has been singled out for her offensive outburst a few weeks ago. Portraying the archetypal Tory, Ballantyne hit out at the poor of the country and boy is she being pilloried for that mistake! In almost every intervention Ballantyne is mentioned negatively and her response is to sit looking suitably chastened! She will now be marked as a leper and for the most part, ignored! I suppose however if you are going to be a chump you should be the biggest one you can be, well done Mrs Ballantyne – mission accomplished!

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Angling as it should be!

Photo 01 Davy, Les and Mike on the Tweed!

Angling as it should be!

We missed our day last year due to an inability to provide enough notice to our anglers so this year Mike Christie, Les Robson, Davy Mitchell Alan Ramsay and guest all went down to the upper Pavilion on Tweed for a bash at the Salmon. It's not been a good year again after five years of pitiful fishing so we were hoping for better this year!

Over the day very few fish were sighted but one angler Alan Ramsay's guest managed a couple of coloured Salmon and lost one as well. All the other lads never touched a fish! A prime example of being in the right place at the right time!

The weather was fantastic with blue skies, light breeze and a high temperature of around 10 degrees. The company was great real anglers every one of them! Mike managed a great video of a large otter travelling upstream and later spotted a kingfisher. There was ample evidence of an overabundance of predatory birds with Heron, Goosander and Cormorants all being spotted in large numbers.

This excess of predators has to be a significant factor in the drastic downturn in Salmon fishing! Yet again all the anglers enjoyed their day out and as all real anglers do take much enjoyment from all around them! Angling as it should be!

Mike's video - A large otter heading upstream.

From our recommended dealer!

Anglers from all over the Borders make regular pilgrimages to Penicuik to see the wide selection of tackle keen prices and most of all to receive educated comment and advice. So this week Mike is offering some great items click the respective link for more details -

Photo 02 - Davy and Les fishing!

The wider world in my view!

No doubt about it!

She is a rookie MSP doubtless keen to make a name for herself and boy has she done that! Yes, Michelle Ballantyne a former councillor on Scottish Borders Council now masquerading as a Tory MSP let fly with an outburst that left the Scottish Parliament shocked. With universal condemnation barring a few ignorant Tory MSPs, the parliament expressed extreme distaste at the words uttered by Ballantyne!

This through and through a Butcher Thatcher clone wants poor people to have no more than two children lest they claim increased extra benefits that wealthy people would have to pay for! What is extremely interesting is that Ballantyne herself a mother of six children claimed all the benefits due to her at a time in her life when her blood was much less blue than it is now!

Stand in Tory leader Jackson Carlaw was very quick to apologise for the blundering Ballantyne calling her cack-handed tirade clumsy. This was tame compared to some of the other comments made which probably should not be repeated here! Just who does this woman think she is that she can single out the underprivileged in our society?

This is the type of thinking inherent in hard-line Tories which most decent right-thinking people would find totally repugnant! There was no empathy or compassion in her words, not a care for fellow human beings let alone those at a disadvantage! What a hypocrite to use the benefits system herself for six children then demonise those who either by choice or circumstance find themselves reliant on benefits! She embarrassed herself the parliament and worst of all the Scottish nation! A second rate politician with a nasty blue streak running through her, she is a Tory no doubt about it!

God forbid!

You have got to hand it to those Bullingdon boys, arrogance is their number one virtue! The clot who landed this country in an almighty mess Lord Snooty is getting bored with his want for nothing lifestyle and wants to be the foreign secretary! Because of his ineptitude in dealing with the warring factions in his own party, he called a referendum and left us with the chaos we are currently enduring! There are enough clowns in the current administration god forbid we should import another one!